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Should I go for pants or pads?

Should I go for pants or pads?

Finding the right products is essential to improve one’s wellbeing. You will feel more assured, protected and secure. 

Pants and pads are becoming more popular. They are designed to be less noticeable to help people maintain their active lifestyle while managing leakage effectively.

What are the differences?

The differences between them are straightforward. Pads are worn inside your underwear just like a sanitary pad. Pants are designed exactly like regular underwear.

Both are made to suit different needs and preferences. To choose pads or pants, it depends on:

  • Level of flow or leak
  • Social lifestyle
  • Personal preference

Why are pants the best choice?

Pants are the best option if you have an active lifestyle. It keeps you fresh and dry to feel comfortable without feeling the bulk and bulge. 

The great thing is, they look just like regular underwear. You won’t feel awkward at all. These pants are usually sleek and modern with ultra-thin layers that built-in for high absorbency.  

It is so liberating as pants are more likely to fit your body type perfectly to strengthen the leak protection. 

They are best for activities like yoga, running or even parties when you need an invisible view of what beneath your pants. 

You won’t have awkward moments anymore!

Why are pads the best choice?

Pads are equally convenient, like pants. 

The only difference is they come in different sizes. So you have to choose the sizes and dimensions that suit your level of and needs in different circumstances, which explains why pads are usually sold in sets.

Another thing is to choose a pad that is snug. It's because pads can cause leak and skin irritation if they don’t fit you perfectly.

So the best thing about pads is you have the freedom to chose the best size that suits your needs. But it’s less convenient and comfortable if you are looking for the same level of absorbency as pants.


Both products are designed for your day-to-day activities without worrying that you’ll be caught out or you are about with a leak. Just choose what suits your needs to keep you dry and comfortable.


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Photo by Mark Zamora on Unsplash