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The Cutest Night Light The World!

Welcome to the Sluglife,  Tommy The Slug™️ Night Light is kids is a lovable loafer that gives off a soft light that is enough to let you drift off to sleep while keeping the monsters at bay. 

Is your child afraid of the darkness? Is your kid's bedroom light too bright to fall asleep? 

Tommy The Slug™️ night light for girls or boys nursery offer a gentle and calming glow with its warm and soft lights for children of all ages to drive away darkness and accompany children at bedtime. 

  Tommy The Slug Night Light™️

Tommy The Slug Night Lamp™️ is the perfect bedside companion.

  • Blue-Light-Free , promote better sleep quality
  • Made with non-toxic baby-safe BPA-free silicone 
  • Warm color light.
  • USB Rechargeable
  • 15 Mins count down sleep mode.
  • 14hr(High Luminance) - 80hr(Low luminance) 
  • Easy to clean.

No longer worried about struggling with bedtime!

Made with non-toxic baby-safe BPA-free silicone to ensure safety, and the soft slug lamp shape makes it ease to carry around and resist breakage.  You can safely put the night light in the hands of children or put it on the bed.  

Designed with the perfect handheld size.  Your child can carry the night light through the hallway to the bedroom or the bathroom at night. 

Sleep Better Without Blue Light

Slug night light is a Blue-Light-Free lamp. It doesn’t emit waves from the blue-green spectrum, which impacting  body’s natural processes or inhibiting melatonin production.

 Thus, It make children falling asleep easier. This leads to improved sleep quality, revitalizing body and readying their body for the following day.

 The slug night light helps your child get a full nights rest.

Great for Newborn babies 

Tommy The Slug Nigh Light is also perfect for those middle of the night diaper changes and breast feeding. No need to turn on the overhead light and wake everyone up, just a tap on the nursery cute baby night light will give you all the light you need. . 

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Robert, US

So good we bought 2

"My son broke his glow pillow pet. So I ordered this. He loves so much. Its completely cordless. The lights are dim but bright enough to see in the day time. He has been carrying it around. Now my 5 year old wants one to sleep with too. So I ordered another an hour after the first was delivered"

Tommy The Slug Night Light™️


Size: L10.2 X W12.5 X H12.8 cm

Material: ABS + Silicone

Battery Capacity: 1200mAh

Working Time: 14hr(High Luminance) - 80hr(Low luminance) 

Charging Time: 2.5hr

Weight: 133g

Content: Device + USB Cable + Instructional Manual

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