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Fitness Balance Board
Fitness Balance Board
Fitness Balance Board
Fitness Balance Board
Fitness Balance Board

Fitness Balance Board

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Fitness Balance Board! 💪Fit and Simply Fun For Fitness!

The Fitness Balance Board is a fitness device designed to help users strengthen their core muscles. The device also makes it easy for users to trim belly fat. When used in conjunction with a weight, the dash surface features handles for easy transport and retrieval from storage and the non-slip surface where you should place your feet.

The foot area is clearly the market so it is easy to know exactly where your feet should be for optimal balance. The dash surface is quite sturdy and can support up to 400 lbs. The device comes in solid yet simple construction, many have used it to successfully trim belly fat and strengthen their muscles.

Animation of Man and Woman doing twist exercises with Fitness Balance Workout Boards

workout out with exercise board


This device comes with a balance board design. The fitness board is made using a special plastic that allows users to rock back and forth just like on a balance board. The special plastic also allows users to turn from side to side and this movement has been found to greatly help in strengthening core muscles and getting rid of belly fat.

Benefits & Features:

🔥 Enjoyable Workout Routines: With this balance board, you can burn fat faster while improving your balance and coordination. Plus, simply fit board like this tones your abs, core, legs, and upper body while gaining strength.

Animation of Woman Doing Leg Exercise on Floor with Orange Balance Workout Board

🔥 Secured with Anti-Slip Material: This tool is safe and comfortable to use with its anti-slip surface design. Also, this exercise board is lightweight and made out of ABS engineering plastic material, which is durable and of premium quality.

Animation of Woman Doing Oblique Exercise on Floor with Purple Balance Workout Board

🔥 Portable: The balance board can be packed easily due to its size and weight. Its size of 24” L x 10” W x 4” D and 3.2 lbs weight made it so easy to pack to a backpack or a suitcase.

🔥 Enhances your Balance: Your balance improves as you twist into shape! It can be enjoyed by both men and women regardless of age.

Animation of Woman Exercising with Green Fitness Balance Workout Board

🔥 Multi-Purpose: This Fitness Workout balance board can be used in various ways! It can be pushup support, a plank board, or a twist board and experience the fun and benefits that this simply fit board can offer!


Product Information

Name: Twisting Fitness Balance Board 
Color: black, orange, purple, green, blue 
Material: ABS 
Size: 60*24*7.5cm 
Function: fitness, entertainment 

workouts with the fit exercise board  

NOTE: For best results, this board should be used on carpeted floors. If your floor is not carpeted, you can put a small woven rug under your table. This will protect the board and also protect your floors from scratches. Placing this board on bare floors will cause it to slide and this is generally unsafe as maintaining balance will be an uphill task. 

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