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Offord ZeroContact Pro2
Offord ZeroContact Pro2
Offord ZeroContact Pro2

Offord ZeroContact Pro2

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Offord ZeroContact Pro2 avoid hands from touching  elevator buttons,  door handles, drawers, touchscreens and keypads.


You probably don't realize how often you touch your face.

Academics in New South Wales, Australia, who trained a camera on students during a lecture, discovered their hands found their way unconsciously to their faces an average of 23 times an hour (552 time in 24 hours).

It is inevitably that your hands need to direct contact with handles, drawers, or life  in every day life. The contacting parts of lift buttons and handles typically poses the risk of  virus transmission.  

OffordHealth ZeroContact Pro2™  provide you safe solution of avoiding using fingers or hand to contact with door handles, drawers, elevator button.

Hand Sanitizer is it 100% safe for you ?

Washing your hands indisputably is the best way to avoid most of the  infectious bacterias and viruses. However, repetitive use of hand sanitizers and hand washing can strip the proteins in the skin layer of your hands. This leading to a compromise of the skin barrier, therefore, the risk of infection.

Additionally, soaps can give rise to irritant hand dermatitis, which presents as dry, flaky, itchy red skin, particularly in the finger web spaces and on the knuckles. It also exacerbate skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis

WHY YOU Need ZeroContact Pro2™?


ZeroContact™  provide not only provide a safe solution to protect you direct contact from those infectious diseases but also reduce your hands and skins irritation from using chemical-based  hand sanitizers and soap too regular

You operate the tool by just  using single hand


OffordHealth ZeroContact Pro2™  is reusable too.  The device has 2 padding absorb pad that  can filled with alcohol-based  sanitizer.

The contacting parts such as rubber tips and the handle are automatically sanitized when the lids are closed. This with small amount of alcohol sanitizer, you not only save a lot of money buying hand-sanitizer .


size: 11.7x4x2.5cm

Package List:

1 unit  of OffordHealth ZeroContact Pro2™ 

color: black

weight: 34gram including packaging

Special Attention: 

1. This tool help you direct open and close door handles, drawers and pressing lift buttons is instead of using bare hands. The tool is NOT use for disinfectant purpose for your hands or handles or drawer or lift buttons. 

2. Do not use alcohol as disinfectant kit to clean or disinfect purpose.

3. Please take note for hygiene purpose, product sold are not return and refundable.

4.  Due to the product is for personal hygiene tool, it product is not returnable.


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